Smartphones have taken over UAE, with 76% of its population accessing the web through smart phones in 2015. In fact, UAE now tops the charts of the highest smart phone users in the world. In Dubai alone, the smart phone enthusiasts make up 51% of the total population. For entrepreneurs in Dubai dreaming of making it big in cyber land, mobile friendly platforms are undeniably your ticket to strike gold.

Mobile Matters

Performance is the only word that stands between web and mobile platforms. Web based designs adapt poorly when accessed through a mobile device. Be it an iPhone or iPad, the user is highly unlikely to return with misaligned margins and cluttered text crowding your site. The advantage of a responsive platform is that they adapt to any device and delivers high quality performance even if you access it from any device or desktop. Over the past five years, the major web platforms including Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, Time magazine and the likes have moved to mobile friendly platforms keeping in line with the future.


Tap-friendly designs

Unlike web, mobile is a no-nonsense platform. They demand a neater and clear design that hits the bull’s eye. No one likes navigating through complex site maps anymore. Coding for mobile platforms is focused on fluidity. From smart layouts and clear navigation, mobile platforms require flexible coding that complements the nature of the platform. Why worry about being adaptive while you can be progressive!


Make it eye-candy

Experience is the key word with mobile friendly platforms. Ample white space and imagery that contributes to essence of your brand is what works best with mobile platforms. Typography is where all the innovation is happening now. Keeping up with a
style sheet that endorses your brand strategy will get you the right audience.


Crafting the Content

Mobile internet is all about scrolling. Your content represents the voice of your brand online. Crisp content crafted to perfection with just the right amount of keywords will connect your platform to the 1.2 billion mobile users all over the world. Amazing, isn’t it?

You know it’s time you made your move to the mobile platform. Over the years, GMI has waded through the deep waters of the digital world and we have been able to deep dive to gain insight to stay ahead, always. Our web whiz kids are experts in advanced web designing techniques and mobile friendly platforms. Be ready to make your website accessible while your users are on-the-go. Call us today

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