The Hottest Website Photography Trends in 2015

We all know the old saying which goes, “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. And this holds goods for websites too. The fact is if someone finds something beautiful, he or she will spend time looking at it. With that in mind, it is crucial for a business that its website looks modern and attractive.

The photography trends in websites keep changing from year to year and it is imperative that a business keeps up with the current trends in the market.

Here’s our look at the website photography trends of 2015:

1.Minimalistic Design
When websites were first developed, businesses were more focused on stuffing the pages with pictures, embossed letters and shadows. Once the trends started to move from the 3-D culture, designers started to use high quality, detailed pictures that speak a great deal about the businesses. This gave emphasis to the pictures on the webpage rather than on the work done on the page.


2.Slider on the home page:
The ultimate way to keep your visitor’s interest piqued is to display a slide of pictures on the home page of your websites. This is an instance where curiosity doesn’t kill the cat. The more the customer sees, the better it is for the business.


3.Videos on the pages
Adding video clips on websites has been in trend from 2014 and is gaining further prominence this year. Generally, users tend to watch more than they read, so this results in your visitors spending longer time on your website. A great way to give more insight to your business is to have videos of your workplace.

4.Monochrome Pictures
Web developers are now using monochrome pictures while developing websites because a single color often sets the tone in a picture and brings out that subtle emotion in the design.

5.Mobile Friendly Pictures
With the rapid development in technology and with low cost smart phones being available easily, people are shifting to their mobile phones and tablets to access the internet. Keeping this in mind, web developers and photographers who want to include high quality photographs in their websites have to ensure that the sites load easily on mobile devices without compromising on quality and content.

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