Now, success is just a page away.

Imagine going through a webpage as if you were flipping through the pages of a story book. Interesting isn’t it? If your webpage was designed in a single page layout, this is exactly how it will be. This new trend of having all website sections on a single page is slowing filling up the internet space. This trend is catching on like a forest fire and is a smart choice for businesses with small web pages and when you want to reduce internet bandwidth.

Single page website designs are made to look hip with unique fonts, good amount of graphics and transitions. There are many benefits related to using single page layouts for your website, let’s take a peek at a few of them.

Larger chance for you to grab the attention of the visitor: Studies in Dubai showed that a visitor doesn’t spend more than a minute on a website. In lieu of this, you have to make sure you keep the visitor hooked with creatively designed sections, neatly placed on the website. Your page has to tell a great story with a focus on visitor conversions.


Mobile friendly by default: Single page web designs ensure that your web pages are mobile friendly since there are no other pages on the website and all that a user needs to do is swipe. Mobile devices will be able to resize the pages of the website and it will be easy to browse through on a mobile device.


Intuitive to use: On a single page website, all a user needs to do is scroll. There may be certain navigational clues like arrows or pointers along the page but all that a user really needs to do is scroll down from one clearly defined section to the next.

Lighter and easier to maintain: Well coded single page websites are much faster than multi page sites because of the reduction in the amount of data and design restrictions. It doesn’t require much time to work on a single page website due to the lack of sub links and other pages. Since there is only one page, you’re forced to simplify your website and avoid pages and pages of marketing.

Easier Search Engine Optimization: Since a major part of how well a website performs is based on the number of inbound links, having single page links increases the importance of the site as far as search engines are concerned.

Do you feel you want never ending success (or a single page website)?

If you have a business website and feel that you can do a lot better with a single page website or if this idea seems interesting to you, feel free to get in touch with us to know more about single page websites. Visit or reach us on +971 50 535 6027.

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