A minute is the longest a visitor usually spends on a website and it takes a little less than 5 seconds for a customer to decide whether he or she should stay or leave the website. In this day and age where e-commerce in Dubai has skyrocketed, it’s all about keeping visitors on your website longer. It’s almost equivalent to having people visit your store in person. Here are a few tweaks that you can do to your website to increase visitor sessions

1. Enhance the landing page:

As Bill Gates once said “If you can’t make it good, at least make it look good.” The first page that visitors land on should be attractive and interesting. The page must have pleasant colors, appealing pictures, must be free of spelling, grammar and punctuation errors and most importantly it must be designed keeping in mind the industry you are in. For example, a baby products website should not look like a tax consultancy service provider and vice versa.

2. Keep it light:

The slower your website takes to load, faster your customers will leave. The famous phrase by Benjamin Franklin “Time is Money’ has given people a new perspective of time. The website should be easy to load and should not take too long. Visitors tend to tire easily when websites take long to load.

3. Ease of navigation:

Visitors tend to sway away from websites that are difficult to navigate through and those that lack important content. An easy to use website with the right number of internal links ensures that the visitors find what they are looking for without much difficulty.

4. Headlines that grabs eyeballs:

Catchy headlines attract a user’s attention. No one wants to read a thick slab of text because it can get boring to go through. Proper division of content with the appropriate headings ensures that users will engage with your website for longer durations. For example, a “who we are?” or “why us?” gets a lot more hits than the usual “About us.”

5. Add a call to action:

Visitors are likely to take action after they’ve read an article. Including a call to action after articles will encourage people to interact with your website and possibly get in touch with you. Feel that your website will need more tweaks than one? Now this seems like an uphill task which cannot be handled in-house. Then Global Media Insight is the answer to your prayer. Backed with the expertise of more 14 years in the digital arena, the digital world of the MENA region is our home turf and we understand its nuances like no other. GMI is the first agency in the Middle East to provide full-fledged services across departments. Talk to us today and increase the stickiness of your website.

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