Gone are the days when people had to get dressed, drag themselves into vehicles and head to a mall or supermarket to buy groceries, clothes or household articles. With the rapid growth of e-commerce, everything that is needed by an individual is available at the click of a button. Whether it is a pair of socks or a super car, the local consumer has access to a large number of options with just a few clicks of the mouse. The number of online shopping sites has also shot up. These sites can afford to provide amazing deals and offers as they can cut back on operational expenses (example rent, staff, and electricity) when compared to an actual showroom.

The ecommerce industry in Dubai is slated to grow even more, with the proliferation of smartphones with superfast internet access.
Here’s the run-down of reason why ecommerce in Dubai is set to be a booming business.

  • The number of internet users in Dubai is rising everyday with over 90% of the users active on the internet
  • Out of this number, the number of people that prefer to shop online has reached 36%


  • 82% of the number that shops online are satisfied with their experience
  • 91% of the online shoppers use their mobile phones to shop
  • Of the total number of people shopping online, close to 55% of them prefer local websites as opposed to foreign websites
  • According to a study by the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, UAE has one of the highest mobile penetration rates in the world with a rate of 168%.
  • 82% of the population is covered by 4G
  • According to a study made by Global Web Index and We Are Social, 47% of the population used a PCto research about a product and 37% bought a product using a PC. Also, 24% used a mobile phone to research about a product and 17% purchased a product using their mobile phones.


In order to make a mark in the e-commerce industry, one has to understand the nuances to reach your target audience. There are a few tips to stay ahead of your competition:

  • Provide elaborate product descriptions and plenty of images
  • Reduce the shipping costs
  • Ensure the customer has proper access to online tracking details
  • Returns and cancellations must be hassle-free
  • Accept a multiple payments methods

The e-commerce industry has huge potential and if you have nailed the nitty gritties, the harvest can be multiplied thirty, sixty or even a hundredfold.

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