An important goal of every website on the internet is to draw traffic or to get more visitors on to their site. With a majority of companies focusing only on internet traffic, they often forget a very crucial part of digital marketing – conversions (creating leads for your business).This is where landing pages come into the frame. Experts say that landing pages are an extremely crucial part of an inbound digital marketer’s lead generation techniques and the reason they are so underutilized is because most businesses lack the knowledge to set up landing pages or their sites are overloaded.

So, what is a landing page?

A webpage where a company can collect a visitor’s information using a conversion form or a lead capture form is known as a landing page. The landing page is often designed to link to a company’s website. Landing pages are placed in blogs they post, forums and even in classifieds as a CTA (Call to Action). Creating landing pages allows companies to get information about their visitors and what they have hooked on to. They can understand their target audience, offer something of value and most importantly, convert a higher percentage of their visitors into leads.

Let’s understand the basic building blocks of a good landing page:

1.Collect valuable information about your visitors
Once a conversion form has been filled by a site visitor, you have a wealth of information about the visitor including their geographical location. The company’s marketing and sales team can further use this information to identify the types of visitors and also use it to market their products accordingly.


2.It ‘s the perfect ground to pitch your marketing offers
When visitors reach a company’s landing page, they are usually provided a high value offer in return for filling the conversion form. This ensures that the companies will be able to receive an increase in sales volume along with an increase in the lead conversion rates. This will have a further positive impact on ROI.

3.Landing pages are the easiest way to generate leads
As we said earlier, too many companies are focused on increasing their internet traffic and so they send their search engine, mail and social media traffic to their home pages. You can get higher lead conversions if the traffic is sent directly to the landing page.

4.It is an additional marketing channel
To increase inbound traffic, a big chunk of your the marketing strategy relies on content on the website. Landing pages provide an additional area for marketers to showcase their content.

Do you feel the need to showcase your core competencies with enticing landing pages that do the job of converting visitors to customers?

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