Being too quick to jump into the world of digital media without a plan can be a buzz killer. With no direction or guidance, the maze of the World Wide Web can be unforgiving at times. No matter how big or small, a digital extension to your business is imperative in the tech-savvy world of today.Without a proper branding strategy in place, you are bound to stumble and fall along the way. Expert advice on web-oriented branding strategies and a sound web design can save you the headache of learning it the hard way. At GMI, we understand your digital aspirations better than anyone else. With 14 years of solid experience in digital media in Dubai, our marketing wizardry will definitely make your brand soar.

Here’s how you can reach your branding goals online:

Defining Oneself

What are you? The question may sound a bit baffling. Defining your brand is the hardest thing you will ever face. Is it your logo? Is it your unique selling proposition? Is it about your products? No. Your brand is way beyond all these. All these are mere components in the grand scheme of things. Your brand stands for the entire experience that it offers its customer. Your website should reflect what you have in your mind. “A brand is a person’s gut feeling about a product, service or a company” says Marty Newmeier, the famous digital marketing specialist.

Translating to Web

Your website is your brand. A digital extension wouldn’t be any different in tone or tenor from the actual product that you are offering. Simply put, your website should reflect all that your brand is. A little more interestingly if that is possible. A website enables the user to explore your brand. A brand strategy ensures that the digital experience stands on par with your products and forges the personality of your brand online. The experience includes everything from the layout
of the website to the tone of website copy.


Creating a buzz online

Being responsive is key to your online audience. A responsive website defines your brand’s personality online, an engaging copy its voice. Coupled with right imagery and typography the online persona of your brand is set. With the code perfected to make your site easy to navigate, you will get all the traffic you need. With timely additions like improvisations on the landing page layout, call to action campaigns and updates, your website is guaranteed to stand the test of time.


Constant innovation and creativity always gets you ahead in the game of digital marketing.Keeping up with the latest digital trends can be exhausting. That’s where GMI can step in and help you scale the high walls of digitaldom. Talk to our experts and we can help you build robust websites that resonate with your brand’s ideologies.

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